The Benefits of Technology in the Classroom


If you have ever read about the benefits of technology, then you probably got impressed and wanted to know more about it. Well, if you do not know much about it, then let me start off by explaining it briefly. The invention of technology allows many things which cannot do without it. The great inventions that people come up with enable the development of other kinds of industries too. One of the greatest benefits that technology gives to mankind is that it is effectively done without any technological know-how.


When it comes to teaching, teachers usually have lots of work to do. They have to teach students in schools and colleges. This involves a lot of hard work and they also need time to spend with their students. If these factors are combined with poor teaching methods, then students may fail to grasp concepts and ideas which they were supposed to learn easily.


But thanks to the invention of remote teaching and distance education, teachers need not exert so much effort while teaching their students. They can simply use their computers and internet as tools for communicating with their students. Teachers now no longer have to face deadlines while teaching their classes. They are given time slots in which they can complete lesson objectives. In case they miss a week, then they will be given another week to complete the same lesson. This has ensured that teachers have more time to spend with their students.


This also promotes collaboration between students. Earlier, when teachers needed to communicate with their students through physical means like writing or delivering lectures, there was a big problem in getting students to co-operate. Students would often shy away from sharing their thoughts or ideas with their teachers because they were afraid that they would not get praise or attention from them. However, using technology in the classroom makes it easy for them to share their views and ideas. They do not feel as though they are being pushed away.


Gamification is a relatively new term which refers to the use of technological benefits of learning styles in order to improve learning. The use of badges, toys and rewards encourages learners to participate actively in the learning process. Gamification has been used in different fields such as education, manufacturing, healthcare and other industries. It is now being used in the classroom to encourage participation by the students.


Auditory learners cannot easily understand the text when listening to the teacher describe it. So the best way to increase the understanding level of auditory learners is to make sure that there is plenty of material to read on the relevant topics. Using multimedia devices, such as video and audio CDs, allows the teachers to present detailed information about the topic in a visual manner. Using audio-visual aids also promotes learning since the students are forced to pay close attention to what the instructor is saying. On the other hand, text-based lessons can be boring for auditory learners because text usually consists of a lot of words.


Although most teachers go to a lot of effort to make lessons interesting for both students and themselves, many still find it difficult to incorporate technology into their lessons. For example, some find it difficult to include graphics and 3D objects into their lessons because they believe that their students are capable of understanding these things on their own. However, the internet has made it possible for teachers to incorporate a variety of multimedia into their lessons. For example, many websites allow teachers to use streaming videos, games and animation while teaching lessons.


Technology is an important part of life. It enables people to do things in a quicker and more convenient way. In the classroom, incorporating technology helps students learn faster because they can access a wide range of information. Teachers have to make the best use of technology in the classroom in order to retain their students’ interest and to provide them with a better learning experience.


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