Best Indian Movie Stars


In keeping with the obsession that Hindi films have gained over the past decade, people from all across the country are looking forward to discover the best Indian movie stars of the 21st century. A major portion of the Hindi film industry has emerged in the past few years as a major hit among the masses. The demand for more movies in the form of Hindi films has been steadily increasing in the past few months and is expected to reach a climax in the next few months. What’s more, with the launch of numerous online portals, people can now watch the Hindi movies online.


Hindi films have managed to capture the imagination of people across the globe for the past few decades because of the realistic portrayal of life in the tiny state of Hindi. Although India is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world, the common man is able to relate to the story because of his or her own experience with life in the sub-continent. Viewers not only relate to the storyline of the film, but also find it to be a perfect medium to discuss current issues that are facing the society in present times.


The demand for more movies has meant that the film industry has been able to establish itself as a major player in the Indian economy. The success of Hindi films has also helped the film industry to expand its base of distribution all over the country. Right from small Hindi movies that were made in the early 1990s to big blockbusters being released in the late 1990s, almost every Hindi film stars owe their success to the superior quality of their script, and the sheer popularity of the actors. The popularity of leading characters like Kamal Amrohi, Ranbir Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai, actors like Ajit, Srikanth, and many others has helped the Hindi film industry to gain a prominent position in the national limelight.


Another factor that has helped Hindi films gain international recognition is the choice of genre. Hindi films are available in almost every imaginable genre and have become a hit for the viewers due to the fact that they offer something for all tastes. From romantic comedies to action flicks, from traditional story lines to the intense thrillers, Hindi films have something for everyone. A major reason behind the popularity of Hindi films is that most of them have excellent quality of story, and great performances by their main actors.


One of the best known names in this genre is Rajkumar Kohli. Best known for his amazing portrayal of a good character in the hit comedy Babu, Rajkumar Kohli has won several Film Farewell Awards for his work in movies. Another name in the Best Indian Movie Stars category is Aishwarya Rai. Aishwarya Rai has been nominated for the best actress award at the Golden Globes, and her performances in other movies such as Thuppakki and Bhumika have also won her a number of Film Farewell Awards.


One of the most popular film stars in the Hindi film industry today is Sukhwinder Singh. Sukhwinder Singh is one of the main leads in the immensely popular Raavanan film franchise and has played the important roles in all the films so far. Sukhwinder is also well-known for his dance routines in the films. Sukhwinder is an amazing dancer and has made a career out of dancing in films.


One of the most famous names in the Indian movie stars category is Aparna Banjara. Aparna Banjara is known for her role as the love interest of Anushka Shetty in the movie “A Lovely Night’s Dream”. She has since gone on to play different love interests in different films, and has gone on to be one of the best known actresses in the film industry.

Aparna Banjara’s name has been mentioned a lot over the past few years for her roles in Aparna and Welcome. Her talent has earned her a number of Film Farewell Awards and has been nominated for the same. Other notable names in the Aparna Banjara cast are Deepika Padamse, Kavita Patience, and Sharukh Khan.


If we were to include the movies directed by Shimit Amin, then there would be four more names here. Some of the best films directed by Shimit Amin are Apne for which he won the Best Director prize at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, and Mankatha. Apne was one of the most commercial films of the decade, and its success was largely attributed to the super fine acting cast. Another very popular movie directed by Shimit Amin is Seabiscuit. The movie was a box office hit and later went on to become one of the best selling movies of the decade.


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