I’m gonna be giving you five reasons as to why you should buy the Tesla Model X the first thing is the doors all you have to do to get into the car is walk up to the door with the key fob in your pocket and check this out the door will automatically open up for you once you’re in oh man I don’t really want to grab that because you know I don’t have a good back there you go there’s the solution another interesting thing is as most of you know it has Alcon wing doors which in my opinion are pretty gimmicky but they do look cool so on the key fob all you have to do double press on the side here Falcon wing door one opens up and we’ll do the same thing on the other side

not only that but you can also open and close the driver and passenger door from the fob to clicks on the very top of the key fob opens up the driver door to more clicks passenger door to clicks on the back your trunk opens up once you’re ready to close everything up all you have to do is press once on the very top of the key fob and that will close everything watch how these doors actually open up there’s a pivot point right there and right there in reality you only need about eleven and a half inches of clearance to actually operate these doors which that’s pretty practical another feature I really love then I think you will too is the giant center screen in the middle anybody who knows about Tesla knows about this massive screen and you can control literally anything in the car from this.

so you can load up the navigation you can make it fullscreen that looks pretty cool you can sync your calendar you can check the stocks I’m totally kidding that’s just your energy consumption and then you can even surf the web you can drag this camera icon down and you can see what’s behind you full-time which personally I think is pretty safe now here’s your phone and then you can full-screen your phone there you go another rather interesting feature about the touch screen is it’s not distracting and here’s what I mean this touch screen actually works so if you’re driving along you know oh man I really have to see my navigation so you drag that down you press that button it’s so responsive see it’s basically just an iPad you know everyone says oh looks like a giant iPad well it is I mean it doesn’t lag I’ve never had an issue with it and it’s just so responsive some other really quick features about this is you can control literally anything you want from this screen the doors you can open all the doors summit any ously the seats you can move them forward and back the suspension you can change it’s a dramatic change trust me you have your lights down here and everything like that you know driving we have a ludicrous mode comfort steering you know creep mode obviously you know that’s when you lift off the brake and the car just starts to inch forward like in a gas powered car but uh I personally like to do this let’s roll one thing that I really like about this car is just absolutely how quiet this thing is is I mean it’s an electric vehicles fully electric there’s no gas or anything like that obviously but there’s no noise you know here I’ll come to a complete stop right here it’s just so quiet it’s kind of eerie at first you have to get used to it but once you do it’s actually pretty peaceful you know there’s people who learn oh I need to have a gas powered car you know because that’s cool it’s manly ok well that’s you but there are people who don’t need a gas powered engine to assert their dominance or manhood

but for the people who want a quiet ride in a quiet cabin oh boy you got one another really interesting thing about this car is the torque you get you get 920 pound-feet of torque to the wheels at zero rpm so watch my speed so you get literally ludicrous acceleration it’s absolutely insane oh my gosh it really comes in handy whenever you’re trying to like get on on-ramp or something or you know just pass somebody in traffic that’s a slow driver you know you don’t have to worry about that because it only takes one point two seconds to reach 60 from 45 will get up to 45 miles an hour on the floor it will get to 60 in about 1.2 seconds is what it says yeah so that’s pretty accurate that’s very quick another reason why I love ludicrous mode is because whenever you’re like okay just say you know god forbid the worst happens you know someone’s about to t-bone you they run a red light they’re about to t-bone you Cole thing is with this so you know so let’s slow down here like just as a speed you know like oh and go through my road like oh my gosh I see somebody coming to my right you can get out of the way really quick and avoided an accident which I think adds safety yes I never thought I’d say this ludicrous mode is safe one important thing to note however is I am driving the P 100 D Model X which means it’s the performance version if you were to go with the 75 D or the 102 you’re not gonna get quite the level of acceleration is ludicrous mode but you are gonna get a very very large amount the really neat thing about autopilot is it actually works so I’m going around this turn the wheels turning and everything like that see my other hand right here my hands will in the camera it works however if this light were to turn red right now this car would not be able to tell and I don’t trust intersections just yet so we’re gonna go ahead and take over here I’ll turn it back on my only real concern however with the autopilot system is the auto steer function is in the beta form which means you still have to have your hands near the wheel just in case anything were to happen you know autopilot is actually great for annoying bumper-to-bumper traffic it will actually sense the car in front of you using its radar cruise control it’ll even slow you down to a complete stop notice how I’m not even touching the accelerator pedal with my right foot and it’s still accelerating it really takes the stress out of bumper-to-bumper driving tesla says that in the future this car will be fully autonomous which basically means you can get in your car type in the address and you don’t need to do anything else after that the car will drive you to your destination and even park itself a massive selling point is not having to use gas pretty much all you have to do to quote refuel your Tesla is go to one of the many super charging stations if you have free super charging you plug it in wait about 40 minutes

if you’re at a really low percentage and then you’re on your way you know you don’t have to pay you just go there plug it in and then you’re done if you don’t have free super charging however I think it usually costs like either 12 cents a minute or 24 cents a minute just depending on where you are super convenient that you don’t have to pay for gas which you know it’s sort of a relief after you’ve spent this much money on a car like this but you know it does sort of it doesn’t pay for itself you’re not gonna you know gain over a hundred thousand dollars back you know from gas savings or anything like that you do save a substantial amount of money not having to pay for gas and paying for electricity instead though another thing you can save your money on with this car is brakes because it has regenerative braking you don’t have to worry about using your brakes until about five miles an hour if you plan it right Tesla says that you don’t need to change your brakes or brake pads or anything like that on your brakes for about a hundred thousand miles and I’ll be honest I kind of believe them because if you drive one of these you’ll understand that you barely and I mean barely have to use your brakes not only that but regenerative braking actually charges your car a little bit it’s not a whole lot but I think you get about like between five and ten miles depending on if your area is hilly if you have regenerative braking set to low nothing’s gonna happen set it to standard and get used to one pedal driving and you’ll be amazed maintenance is very minimal for this car the Model X drive unit only has about 20 moving parts

and if anything were to stop working you have a 8 year unlimited mileage drive unit and battery warranty all you really have to worry about is tires & wiper blades and some battery coolant maintenance practicality so one reason why these cars are so practical is they only run on battery the Model X 75 D starts at around 83,000 dollars and you can get up to 237 miles of range the 100 D starts at around 99 thousand five hundred dollars and you can get up to two hundred and ninety five miles of range the P 100 D starts at around one hundred and forty thousand dollars you can get up to two hundred and eighty-nine miles of range out of a single charge all of which have dual motor all-wheel-drive this car is extremely practical because it has two trunks a lot of space in the back and the doors open electronically really neat thing is all you have to do is click twice on the very front of the key fob and you’re presented with a trunk in the front and it’s actually pretty sizable this is a Tesla charging bag and it’s actually pretty big you can fit a lot of groceries and stuff up there the only issue is it’s a lumen I’m an extremely light so you have to really press down and smudge up your car okay moving back to the rear trunk press twice on the very back of the key fob and the power lift gate opens up don’t you’re back here you actually notice you have a ton of space I mean this is a six seater configuration and everything

I mean those two seats are down obviously but then I’ll show you over here that’s a lot of space under there you can put so many groceries there and then more stuff over there now let’s getting into the back seats unsurprisingly you have a tremendous amount of legroom back here in that passenger seat is actually pushed all the way back and these are the mono post seats in the six seater configuration actually it’s not a bad design and all the way in the back there are two seats with a surprising amount of comfort and legroom all of the seats in this car extremely comfortable and heated the very front seats are actually heated and ventilated which is a great touch by far in my opinion the most important thing about a car is safety the Tesla Model X has a battery underneath the floor which weighs about 2,000 pounds which results in the lowest rollover risk of any SUV due to its low center of gravity the Tesla Model X actually scored five stars in every crash test you actually have a 93 percent chance of walking away from an accident in a Tesla Model X with no serious injury to you or your passengers which is why the Tesla Model X is actually the safest SUV on the road.


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