Do you know what’s expensive air travel then there’s the inconvenience of lines screaming children and seat hoggers that’s why the rich and famous are choosing to avoid that altogether and buy their own planes from a multi-million dollar jet with solid gold wash sinks to one with it’s very own safe room here are 15 of the world’s most expensive private jets number 15 the Ariane AAS – I’ve got a spare 120 million bucks if you do then do you fancy traveling at the speed of light yeah may as well right billionaire Robert Bass among a few others has been integral in the financial backing of the ariane as2 supersonic jet you can say goodbye to those lengthy overseas trips for good as one of the most expensive jets especially in the private jet market it’s been turning a few heads it has two seating areas a large galley and a walk-in baggage area it also has a cruising speed of 1.2 Mach that might mean nothing to you but the current fastest business jet only reaches speeds of 0.9 3 5 Mach which makes the Ariane as2 a game-changer this fast jet has room for 12 people and has been in production for over 50 years it was expected to be released and flown for the first time in 2021 but that has been pushed out to 2023 if you happen to find a spare 120 million dollars under your couch cushion you can be part of the presale or rush with delivery expected in 2025 before we go on we have a cool challenge for you all it’ll take about 5 seconds to complete let’s make a deal just leave a like on this video smash that subscribe button and hit the notification bell and you will get head years of amazing luck and fortune try it it actually works now it’s time for the star topic what would you do if you are the wealthiest person in the world you might buy your own Island a few dozen exotic cars and treat yourself to only the most expensive meals and vacations but you might also own this costly private jet with a swimming pool on the top for swimming and Sun lounging and a generous interior for luxury trips away it is undoubtedly the best way to spend masses of money but is this private jet real or merely a concept could it become real comment down below with the hashtag star topic and let us know your opinion in relation to what we just showed on screen with that said let’s keep things moving number 14 Airbus a380 owned by Prince Alwaleed bin Talal 500 million dollars it might not seem all that exciting tone in Airbus a380 after all it’s just a regular plane right it was before Prince Alwaleed bin Talal got his hands on it this Saudi prince decided to spend nearly three hundred million dollars on a plane than another 200 million transforming it into a sky palace but he didn’t just add a few comfy chairs he made sure it was the epitome of luxury for him and his guests the prince wouldn’t need to hire a rental car free requested a parking space on board for his Rolls Royce there was also a concert hall with a grand piano a spa treatment steam room and five master bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms if you never did enjoy the awkwardness of waiting to get out of a plane then Prince Alwaleed solved that problem to her fast exit he installed a private elevator from his bedroom to the tarmac it doesn’t get much more convenient than that however for all his customization the Prince ended up selling his private 500 million dollar aircraft before ever using it for himself.

number 13 Airbus a340 300 owned by Alice hiruzen of 350 to 500 million dollars if you’ve got a fear of flying in case of an emergency situation then you’re gonna need a buddy up with one of Russia’s richest men Alice euros manav’s Alisher purchased an Airbus a340 300 for around 238 million dollars but he spent another two hundred million dollars customizing it to suit his needs one of those customizations was a security room with significant reinforcements including impenetrable walls if the plane ends up in an emergency this room provides the best chance of surviving there are no guarantees of course but nervous Flyers will shortly find at a welcome feature such a room could also prove convenient if you don’t want to share your airplane peanuts with your siblings lock yourself in the room and you can have them all to yourself the fancy air bus can also carry 375 people if you have that many friends and flies around nine thousand miles before it needs to refuel it’s also been undergoing upgrades since Alice sure bought it meaning it’s probably way more luxurious than any plane anyone has ever been on number 12 Boeing 747 430 owned by sultan of brunei 233 million dollars you ever felt like you just got too much money yeah me neither.

Clearly the sultan of brunei has more than he knows what to do with and the proof is in the private jet he owns while he could have been happy with a standard 100 million-dollar boeing 747 he decided to throw another 130 million dollars at it to take it to the next level and the result did not disappoint the Sultan’s private jet has a living room bathroom and bedroom all decorated with crystal and gold even the wash basins are solid gold which is not something you expect while washing your hands travelling in this private jet is like lounging around in a giant jewelry box but would you expect anything less from one of the wealthiest monarchs in the world it’s pretty impressive to have your own 233 million-dollar jet but this one enough no we don’t think so the Sultan also owns two Airbus a340 s and a 767 he’s basically his own Airport and we can’t think of any better way to beat the traffic

Number 11 Gulfstream g650 er sixty six point five million dollars while Sir Philip Green might not be everyone’s favorite person especially with his alleged role in the collapse of the BHS fund you can’t help but be impressed with his choice of private plane sure the man already had a speedboat three yachts and a helicopter but what’s one more form of transport in the mix in 2016.

sir philip added the Gulfstream g650 er to his collection which sells for around fifty nine million dollars but as most homeowners will know when you buy something big like a house or a plane it’s not always to your liking therefore Philips wife Tina then spent around three hundred eighty five thousand dollars fitting out the interior and no expense was fair the plane already had widescreen TVs handcrafted seats and die vans and porcelain dinnerware as stock standard features but with a few expensive moderations passengers aboard the family’s plane can now control window shades lighting and interior temperature with tablets and smartphones well the rest of us are lining up to take our place on a stuffy noisy plane this guy and his family are casually making their way around the globe in a luxury jet number 10 Mukesh Ambani with boeing business jet worth 73 million dollars you can buy or lease some pretty swanky offices these days but how many of them are worth seventy three million dollars and fly.

probably only those owned by Mukesh Ambani the Indian billionaire had already gifted a 60 million dollar Airbus to his wife Nita on her 44th birthday which means he’s seriously gonna need to outdo himself on her milestone 50th birthday but in the meantime he has also purchased a 73 million dollar Boeing Business Jet known as BBJ – for himself because why not treat yourself the plane takes on the same frame as the Boeing 737-800 but that’s where the similarities end unlike passenger planes this one is all about business

it has a 1004 square foot frame that’s kitted out with space for 78 passengers it also boasts an executive lounge private suite bedrooms conference rooms and private offices who needs a permanent office in a country when you can have one in the sky instead of working from your laptop in a cramped seat with a fold down tray in economy class you could have an entire conference room to yourself number nine Ratan Tata Falcon 2000 private jet Indian philanthropist and industrialist

Ratan Tata didn’t hold back on his last shopping trip choosing to purchase an elite Dassault Falcon 2000 private jet worth around 35 million dollars it’s one of the most popular business jets and it’s not hard to see why it reaches speeds of up to 500 28 miles per hour and can even travel at heights of around 51,000 feet and with a range of 3,700 miles if it’s not the impressive speeds and distance that makes this jet worth a closer look it’s surely the interior it’s stretch cabin flows beautifully and it has a full sized spacious interior that you can basically run laps of being a passenger on the Falcon 2000 would be an unreal experience but flying it is – it has three flight computers a digital flight control system and an analogue computer to control the flight spoilers the precise flight control is out of this world it certainly suits its price tag of tens of millions but it’s probably only spare change for a Tom Tata he is the former chairman of Tata Sons and is still heading it’s Charitable Trusts while he’s not a billionaire he is still worth a pretty penny number a Adar pune wallahs Gulfstream g550 for most people craving Italian Indian or Chinese cuisine they phone their nearest takeaway joint place an order then drive down to pick it up if you’re the CEO of serum institute you jump into your Gulfstream g550 private jet and head to the country of origin just because you can

Adar pune wala of serum Institute was the first person from India to purchase a customized ACH 145 helicopter from Airbus that was exciting enough but a helicopter has some limitations it only seats eight people and is only suitable for short distances the Gulfstream however is all about luxury and distance in a single trip it can travel for around 13 hours which is far more versatile if he decides on a whim that he feels like visiting another country for a bite to eat according to an interview Adar Pune wallah did when he craves continental food he also gathers his closest friends and flies in a Michelin star chef to cook for him meanwhile most of us can’t even get our significant others to cook for us oh how the other half lives number 7 Air Force one if you want to know what one of the most expensive private jets in the world is then you only need to look at our government the new Air Force one plane is expected to cost a whopping 5.2 billion dollars on-time arrival for Air Force One in 2016 it was thought to cost around 3.2 billion dollars which is still not exactly cost-effective according to Donald Trump in 2017 that cost was negotiated down by around 1 billion dollars as it turns out though it wasn’t because the final price tag was over five billion dollars however they did manage to bring the delivery day forward from 2024 to 2021 for a plane to be that expensive must be pretty special right after all it’s the very machine that stops the President of the United States from having a rough at an economy class with the rest of us and you’d be right this unique plane can refuel itself in midair which means it basically has an unlimited range its electronics are also used to handle electromagnetic pulses as well as being kitted out with advanced communication equipment which means it can function as a command centre if the u.s. is ever under attack the plane also has 4,000 square feet of space in office toilet and conference room not to mention a medical suite with a doctor on every flight number six Donald Trump’s 100 million dollar plane if you’ve got a hundred million dollars to spare then why wouldn’t you buy a private plane that was probably Donald Trump’s thinking when he purchased a 1968 Boeing 727 which used to be owned by American Airlines and which he bought from Microsoft’s co-founder Paul Allen it wasn’t long before Trump and his team gave it the ultimate trump overhaul the interior is every bit as luxurious as you would expect of a property tycoon and president there is 24 karat gold everywhere you look even the faucets and only the latest and greatest electronic equipment the Trump logo is also everywhere as is the family crest which features with unique embroidery on the pillows in Trump’s bedroom if you thought business class and a regular passenger plane was suave then your mouth would hit the floor after traveling standard class in Trump’s private 100 million dollar plane these days though Trump is more likely to be found in Air Force One the Pentagon’s elite selection of planes with the best security features money can buy including a mobile command center in case the United States comes under attack

number 5 Jackie Chan’s 20 million dollar private jet in our world you’re doing pretty well as a family if you have two cars many families have a good car that you use for weekend trips and long hauls and a runabout for daily use so does Jackie Chan but instead of cars he has planes one he uses for short trips within China and his other one a twenty million dollar embraer legacy 500 he uses for transoceanic flights see the rich and famous aren’t all that different from us after all they just have more expensive runabouts Jackie Chan’s embraer legacy 500 is something special it’s a mid-sized private jet that can fly nonstop from LA to New York and has a price tag of around 20 million dollars it’s 68 feet long 21 feet tall and boasts a 66.5 foot wingspan it can also reach altitudes of 45

thousand feet it’s powerful that’s for sure but it’s also exceptionally beautiful on the inside it has one of the roomiest cabins of similar plains and has an adaptable cabin that can cater for between eight and twelve passengers you can also choose to sit in lounge seats with or without a die van feeling tired and no problem just turn your seat into a bed we don’t blame Jackie for splurging on this jet and we would – number four beyonce and jay z’s private jet 2006 was a good year for bombardier they released one of their most impressive planes to replace the 50 seat crj200 airliner and boy was it impressive the Challenger 850 took the market by storm and container dat 27 32 or 50 passengers depending on your preference brand new they sold for around 30 to 240 million dollars but if you were to buy a 2006 model today you could pick it up for the bargain price of 8 million dollars now most people know that jay-z and Beyonce are by no means poor separately they are worth millions but together they are a billionaire couple so it’s of no surprise that they own one of these special Challenger 850 planes when Beyonce gave birth to their first child Blue Ivy she decided to give jay-z a gift for Father’s Day and no it wasn’t a best dad ever coffee mug it was you know a casual multi-million dollar plane the 40 million-dollar jet has a beautiful cream leather interior a bedroom two bathrooms and a kitchen the purchase was just in time for their joint tour in 2014 which meant it would get heavy use while they traveled the country and the world may as well do it in comfort right number 3 Tyler Perry’s 125 million dollar Gulfstream 3 we live in a very digital age rarely do you find someone walking down the street without a phone in their hands or earphones in their ears so when you go on a plane you don’t want to travel without those things well Tyler Perry certainly didn’t want to anyway Tyler Perry is a producer actor and director he spent 125 million dollars on the Elite Gulfstream 3 a business jet with some serious style the plane is customized to look and feel like a flying theater with a giant HD LCD TV screen a handful of blu-ray players iPod docking stations and even satellite TV there’s no need to rely on the same old inflight movies anymore even the lighting on the Gulfstream 3 is something special with theater lighting to create the ultimate amount of ambience the final icing on the cake is the electronic window shades because you know moving them up and down by hand is clearly too much hard work Tyler Perry is one of the highest-paid men in the entertainment industry and he has the best taste and ideas about what to spend his wealth on number two John Travolta’s backyard Airport how amazing would this be for a scenario you live in Florida but you fancy authentic Italian pizza so instead of phoning your local pizza joint and combating the endless traffic to get to it you decide to fly to Italy for the real deal instead sounds like a dream right that’s John Travolta’s reality John has had his pilot’s license for decades as well as his jet license he doesn’t need to hire a pilot to fly his private jets he can literally do it himself so he bought a boeing business jet for around 57 million dollars spent up to 25 million dollars on the interior and became yet another celebrity to own their own plane but what’s different about John is that he has more than a plane his house is attached to a runway he has such a passion for planes that he built his home attached to it so he could park his plane in his driveway and travel anywhere his Boeing 737s range is around 6,000 miles so when the fancy takes him to set off on vacation on a whim to a tropical paradise he can be ready in men

it’s number one first Dreamliner private owner unveils 747-8 VIP Joseph Lau a real estate tycoon from Hong Kong was the first person to buy the Elite Boeing 787 VIP aircraft from Boeing at 153 million dollars it is easily one of the most expensive private jets in the world now there have been seven VIP purchases of the plane

not to mention contracts for leases with other manufacturers once you see the new plane it’s not hard to know why it’s in hot demand by businesses and wealthy business people the rendered concepts of the 747-8 VIP are out of this world they have vaulted ceilings video wall displays and even spiral staircases users can also enjoy over 5,000 square feet of cabin space which is a whole lot more than a single seed you would have to share an armrest of an economy class according to VOA’s business jet CEO Stephen Hill the luxury and flexibility of the plane are out of this world it can also be modified to include personal suites offices and dedicated areas for recreation as if just sitting in a comfortable plane wasn’t exciting enough the 747-8 can also carry up to 100 people and travels a little over 9,000 miles the next time you take your place in line to board a crowded hot and noisy plane spare a thought for those poor poor wealthy people who have to decide which of the dozens of seats to pick in their luxurious private jets have you been on a private plane before what was.


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